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I am a writer, speaker, and human trafficking advocate.

In 2002, I graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy (USNA) with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in English. Upon graduation, I served six years as a Financial Management Officer in the U.S. Marine Corps, and obtained the rank of Captain. After transitioning from the military, I continued to serve my country as a federal government employee at the Department of Homeland Security.

In 2014, I graduated cum laude with a Master of Arts in Christian Leadership from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (Charlotte campus). There, my independent studies included education in racial reconciliation, prayer and fasting, and biblical justice. While attending Gordon Conwell, I served as a student research assistant, a student writing and research tutor, and guest lecturer. I was also honored to receive the 2014 Redemptive Leadership Award.

I have over 15 years of leadership and mentoring experience. Most recently, I served my church family as the Founder and Co-Director of the Women’s Mentoring Ministry where our purpose was to intentionally disciple women with the goal of seeing their lives transformed into the image of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit and the truth that is God’s Word. As their servant, my desire was to fulfill the vision of the 2010 Lausanne Congress which calls for the whole church to share the whole gospel with the whole world.

I love passionately serving God and his people, bringing Him glory and uplifting His kingdom by sharing and living in the redemptive power of the cross. In addition to being a wife and the mother of a beautiful little girl, I have dedicated my adult life to discipling, mentoring, and teaching women; empowering nurturing the next generation of Christian leaders; and promoting education while serving and uplifting my community.

When I am not ministering, I enjoy the arts (music, dance, theater, fashion). I like working out. I love great food! I also enjoy reading and going to the movies.

Why Do I Blog? 

When I mention to people that I am a blogger, they often get excited and say, “Why do you blog?” My response goes something like this:

I started writing women’s Bible study/small group material several years ago. I thought about the possibility of getting the material traditionally published, so I attended my first writer’s workshop in 2009. While at the conference, one of the workshop presenters challenged me by saying, “Natasha, you should be writing something everyday.” I have found that writing is just like anything else that we intentional choose to do; the more often we write, the better we become at perfecting the craft. Therefore, one of the reasons that I write blogs is because the frequency of my posts helps me become a better writer.

After deciding to blog, my next challenge was to figure out exactly what I wanted to say. After all, there is more than enough information and opinions available on the internet. It is not my desire to become a person with an inflated ego hoping that others would read or validate my thoughts. So in addition to considering my purpose for writing, I asked myself, “How would I focus my blog?” Quite simply, I wanted to evaluate Christ and share my heart about the convictions, passions, and challenges he has placed there. I wanted to generously and authentically present what faithful living can look like in the life of a professing Christian believer:

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel [of Jesus Christ], because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes.” Romans 1:16A (NIV)

Through my writing I want to challenge others and myself. Writing expands my Christian worldview, but I also have a strong passion to disciple and share the good news with those who are near and those who are far away. I want to inspire, challenge, and encourage men and women to truly live out the gospel in their everyday lives.

The hidden blessing of blogging is that it has improved my prayer life. As I read the news and observe our culture, I write. I pray that my mind is consumed with the thoughts of God, and that my heart breaks for the things that break God’s heart. In prayer, I ask God how he wants me to live my life of love and faith, in community with other people. In this way, blogging holds me accountable to act on the things that I have seen, heard, and written about.

Finally, I blog because I like to connect with, share, and learn from others. I would love to hear from you. It encourages me to see the hand of God at work in the lives of his children all across the world. Therefore, I will continue to write and if you comment, I will be here to listen.

© Natasha Sistrunk Robinson