Violence, Compassion, & Last Week with @IJM

Last week, I attended the International Justice Mission (IJM) annual Global Prayer Gathering. I sat among 1400 people from across the world and listened to stories, testimonies, and the great work of IJM, but mostly we heard reports from the IJM field officers and we gathered to pray. This was my second time attending the gathering. The experience is one of the most humbling practices and reminders of my year. It is nearly impossible to fathom that there are such crimes against humanity happening all around the world. It is encouraging to know that God is at work. It is evident when I pray that God breaks up the fallow ground in my own heart about what is important, what is priority, and how I can join in his redemptive work.

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Coffee Talk: The One Day I Watched TV

This is tired me this week, but I love the hair results!

This is me looking tired, but I love the hair results!

Yesterday I watched TV. I didn’t begin my day committed to television watching. On the contrary, I packed my bag with a laptop (because I have things to do) and a couple books (because I have stuff to read). After getting acquainted with my new beautician and reading for about 30 minutes, however, reality set in. My eyes were tired, my body was even more tired, and I was not going to get anything done. I accepted that, sat quietly in the chair, and looked up at the TV screen.

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