Book Review: A Credible Witness by @RevDocBrenda

A Credible Witness: Reflections on Power, Evangelism and Race

A Credible WitnessWhy I picked up this book:

I read this book while completing my racial reconciliation studies in seminary. I continue to reread and reference it because the book is just that good!

Who Should Read A Credible Witness:

This is a necessary read for American Christians, particularly those who are struggling to live out their faith in a culture that elevates the powerful over the powerless and the dominate over the dominated. This book can be a catalyst for important conversations that must happen in our homes and churches about race and injustice.

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Natasha’s Study: A Work of Heart

A Work of heart: Understanding How God Shapes Spiritual Leaders

A Work of Heart book coverWhy I picked up this book:

This book was assigned reading for one of my Christian leadership courses in seminary. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and have continued to revisit it.

Who Should Read A Work of Heart:

Any person who leads, mentors, or influences others. This is also a good read for anyone who wants to become more self-aware and better understand how they can be used to fulfill God’s good purposes in the world.

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Natasha’s Study: Reading Check One

Dr. Seuss on Reading

At the beginning of this year, I issued a 2015 Reading Challenge. The “Natasha’s Study” column is a space for sharing book reviews, having book discussions, and interviewing authors about their new projects. Since I am no longer attending seminary classes, it is one of my favorite posts to write each week. I love reviewing and reengaging content that I have read previously. I love hearing about what you are reading and learning.

I am still committed to finishing several books I began last year, but I have also taken this 2015 reading challenge for myself:

1 book for work

1 book for writing/teaching

1 book I want to read

1 book for learning

1 book about leadership

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