Book Review: A Beautiful Disaster

The summer is in full gear in North Carolina. We are enjoying the sunshine, beach days, and the excitement of children and their play. I’m also taking this summer sabbatical to enjoy the many books that have been arriving in the mail and piling up on my book shelf. I am particularly excited to prioritize this summer’s reading to include books written by or about issues facing women.

A Beautiful Disaster book coverToday, I’m completing a book review for my sister and fellow Redbud, Marlene Graves, on the recent release of her book, A Beautiful Disaster: Finding Hope in the Midst of Brokenness. You can find out more about Marlena and the book at the official website:

I like the honesty of this book. Marlena shares her heart and experiences about those who have been hurt or spiritually abused in the church. In spite of the failings of people, she clings close to her God and grows more and more in love with his church.

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Book Review: United ~ Captured by God’s Vision for Diversity

As you know, I’m taking a sabbatical to rest this summer. One of the things I will do during my time off is reading. So, you can still expect to read book reviews from great writers. I’m primarily focusing this summer’s reading on books written by or about women. I am pleased to announce that my first summer review on author, Trillia Newbell’s new book, United: Captured by God’s Vision for Diversity, is now published at UrbanFaith online magazine.

#Justice According to Mae Elise Cannon

Over the course of my biblical justice studies, I have had the wonderful privilege of interacting with Mae Elise Cannon. Because I am overwhelmed with deadlines and Mae travels extensively, I do not feel like I have scratched the surface of all there is to glean from this woman of God. However, I have had the opportunity to read both of her books, The Social Justice Handbook and Just Spirituality.

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