Natasha’s Study: SDWSC Introduction

A few months ago I read a book entitled, “She Did What She Could: Five Words of Jesus that will change your life,” in preparation for a speaking engagement with a MOPS group.  I loved the book because it challenges the reader to STOP, take a look around to see the world, and then respond accordingly.  It’s as simple as that…See a need and do what you can to fix the problem or at least lighten someone else’s load.

In addition to meeting practical needs, there are other practical benefits of the book.  It is cheap!  The book can be purchased in most book locations for $10 or less.  It is small – so you can throw it in your purse or bag and read it in route to and from any location.  It is a quick read.  Each chapter is approximately 3-5 pages in length.  The book is not “churchy,” so it is a great start for those that are being introduced to the gospel message.  The book reveals what true acceptance, love, and worship look like in action. 

Since we are in the midst of the summer months, I am aware that several churches are taking sabbaticals from bible studies and small group gatherings.  Our leaders need to be refreshed too.  Hmm.  I wonder if book clubs take breaks during the summer months.  I bet that’s when they really get started.       

Here is a very short video introduction for the book:

An interview with the author, Elisa Morgan, concerning the book can be found at:

In the months leading up to and while reading this book, I discovered that:

I CAN take twenty minutes to write a handwritten note (not send an email, or text, or Facebook message) to a friend sharing how much I love her, and sending a word of encouragement to surprise her in the mail.

            I CAN pick up the phone to call a family member or friend, who I know needs to be reminded that God loves her and I love her.  I can call just for the comfort of hearing her voice and having her hear mine.  I can then be quiet to listen as she shares her heart.

                        I CAN be still.  I can reject the idea that I have to be busy or even productive all of the time.  I can take the time to blow bubbles with my daughter, or cuddle to watch a movie with my husband, or take a nice long walk for my health, or I can simply choose to do nothing at all (and use that time to reflect on God and the peace that he can bring to my life).

It’s a long weekend.  Please run out and pick up the book.  Let’s chat about Chapter 1 on next Tuesday.  Invite your friends to come along.  It’s summertime and there’s nothing better to do than kick back with a good read; let’s take on this challenge together. 

I have shared what I can do (for starters).  How about you?

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4 thoughts on “Natasha’s Study: SDWSC Introduction

  1. soooo GREAT!
    this is the second time this week that i have been referred to this book. so I guess I better read it! :o)
    Natasha—love your blog and everything! cant wait to see what comes of the book discussion! you must tell Elisa!

  2. Hey Sis,
    Currently, I am reading J. Meyer Battlefield of the Mind. Some wise women at my church told me about it……I am also reading a book for the book club at my church… I will get to this book as soon as I can.

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