Coffee Talk: Pet Peeves


You probably know by now that I am a former United States Marine!  We are a “special” group of people.  In addition to being a Marine, I have spent my adult life managing money, mostly millions and millions of your money.  As a result, I am very analytical.  I am meticulous.  I want everything to balance out to the penny.  I am constantly asking questions concerning the big picture like, “Why are we doing this?” or “Is this the best thing to do?”  I want to know about the bottom line: Not how much money we will make, but what will we get for the money that we spend.

On last week, I completed a six page package to recoup thirty one cents that was sitting somewhere in financial cyberspace.  One of my co-workers stated that the transaction wasn’t worth the paper that we were writing it on.  I guess there is some truth to that, but the books weren’t balanced.  I like for the books to be balanced.  Furthermore, it was the right thing to do.  When bypassing a penny on the ground as a kid in a grocery store parking lot, the old folks used to tell me, “Pennies make dollars, you know?”  They too were correct.  Therefore, I’m going to make the best use of the pennies that are under my care.  As a tax payer, you should be very glad to hear that somebody anal like me is working on your behalf and properly managing your money.

After one week of taking on blogging as my sixth profession, I asked my husband for feedback concerning the blog.  His response to me, “Well for starters, you can get rid of all those lists…that would make things less structured.”  I mean, you got to love him.  Thankfully one of my confidants was more gracious in stating, “Natasha, you should write how you talk.  Use a more conversational tone.”  Now that’s constructive criticism.

Either way, I’m taking the feedback from my all too wise husband and will resist the temptation to share laundry lists with you.  Although, one of my other girlfriends stated, “We are women, and we like lists!”  I must admit, I like lists.  I mean I really like lists.  Lists are like recipes; they provide simple steps to follow so that we obtain the desired results.  Actually, my short lived reputation of being the “Bulletized Blogger” is one of the reasons for starting this blog in the first place.  One of my mentors, Dr. Frank James, said to me a few months ago, “Natasha, you need to be writing something everyday.”  I’m quickly finding that writing is just like working out, or anything else that you do.  The more that you do it, the better you get at it, and hopefully, the easier it becomes.  Please forgive me for my previous “list punishments.”

What are some quirky things that you do?  Does it get on other people’s nerves?

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3 thoughts on “Coffee Talk: Pet Peeves

  1. Girl my list is to keep up with your blog site….. (smile). I have actually added to my list of things to do and accomplish. Now, to find time to put check beside the items I have completed. I know I hear you now priortize… Thats the first thing on the list. My petpeeve, my #1 right now is concerning my job. I work in Customer Service been at it now for 10 years. It really irritates me when customers contact me as a Customer Service Representative for assistance and they don’t want to listen to how they can resolve their issue. Or they telling me how to resolve their issue. Which if they knew how to resolve it and it worked they wouldn’t be contacting me. My quote is: Customer first, but the customer is not always right. Customers existence provides me a job, that is why they are first. However, the customer is that the customer, and do not neccessiarly know all the ins and outs of the company they choose to do business with. Just saying…
    (Be on the look out for my article which is on my list…..”Customer First Not Customer Always Right”-I’m still working on the title).

  2. I to have added your blog as one of my to do items on my daily list. I am really enjoying your passion! I love how you are so transparent allowing us to see a little bit more of the Woman of God that you are. I have bought the book too. God has used you to minister to me in so many ways. I miss you, but feel close to you by reading and being ministered to by you and the words of this blog. Love you!
    I would say one of the things that I do that is crazy… I make a grocery list, plan meals and usually forget it when I go to the store…. my meals are planned but I never seem to cook them!

    1. I love you and miss you too! Think about and pray for you often. So glad that we have yet another way to remain connected. Very excited that you have picked up the book! You will love it! Can’t wait to read your comments next week.

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