A Prayer for Honduras


I would like to feature a worldview topic every Monday.  The purpose is to increase awareness about opportunities for prayer, and to highlight mission work of those that are sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world.  I also want to feature people, ministries and organizations that are doing the same.

This week I am praying for the twelve members of my home church who are heading to Honduras on Thursday and will remain there until the end of the month.  The team will be partnering with local Christians to build a church, preach and teach about Jesus, minister to the children, and share their personal testimonies.

As the team members shared their hearts on last evening, I was overcome as I once again stared suffering in the face.  The team will neither have hot water nor air condition.  They will conclude their trip by serving meals to adults and children who live in the city dump and in the shacks along side the road.  The parents who live in this dump search the trash so that they can feed their families that day.


I pray that you be with the disciples who are going to Honduras to share your message with others who do not know you.  I pray that when people see them, feel them, speak with them, and spend time with them, that they will see your light shining through those messengers that you have sent.  I pray that you will prepare the hearts of the ministry team and give them the strength and endurance for the difficult tasks ahead. 

 I pray that you prepare the hearts of the people so that they will receive and respond to what it is that they see and hear.  I pray for the children, that they will rise up to lead a crusade of Christ worshippers in spite of where they live. 

 I pray for the hearts of the American people.  There is so much that we take for granted in this country.  I pray that you help us to appreciate the daily grace and blessings that you have extended to us.  I thank you for running hot water.  I thank you for the air conditioning in my home when it is hot and heat when it is cold.  I thank you for the meals that you provide for my family and the opportunities that you have given us to live healthy lives.  Help us to always be mindful that we could have easily been born in another country where others only dream of coming to this land that is following with milk and honey.

 I pray that all of our lives will continually and forever be changed as a result of who are and what you have done to rescue us.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.    

 I look forward to sharing the reports from this team when they return.  In the meantime, please keep me posted of any points of interest for Monday’s Worldview discussions.

Please continue to pray for this team for the remainder of this month, and the people that they minister to from now until…

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4 thoughts on “A Prayer for Honduras

  1. Natasha,
    I looked at your blog and am especially touched by your prayer for our Honduras team. They did make it after a 5 hour bus ride from the airport, (3 hours of it on unpaved roads). Keep praying! Thanks!

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