Coffee Talk: Why I love North Carolina

 I am originally from South Carolina, but lived in North Carolina for the first three years of my military active duty career.  The last five years have been spent in the Maryland/DC area.  I’m so glad to be once again living in North Carolina…this feels like home to me.

 This week I was constantly reminded of what I love about North Carolina:

1.  On two separate occasions: Elderly women were invited to go to the front of the grocery line.

 2. That my daughter can sing about Jesus at the top of her lungs in a store, and people often smile and think that’s cute.

 3. That secular radio stations play gospel music for several hours during the weekday mornings.  A great way to start my day!

 That I spend more time living, and less time in my car and waiting in traffic.

4. That people go out of their way to open the door when you are entering a public building.

5. Where are you from?  What are the things that you like about your city, town or state?

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One thought on “Coffee Talk: Why I love North Carolina

  1. I am from North Carolina (Durham) and have lived in Gastonia, Kannapolis, Burlington, Raleigh, High Point and G’boro. I spent about 5 years in Greer, SC as a child.

    I’ve done very little traveling, and I know there are other beautiful places with friendly folks. NC is home, but I think I’d really have a difficult time if I had to live in another region outside the South. While the South is not perfect, there’s something mysteriously alluring and yet comforting about it. I love Southern people and their ways. . . I love that they are generally not pretentious about money and (I know some can be) education, etc. I love our food traditions ALOT. I love college basketball, and what better spot on earth is there for that than NC?! There are too many things to love about the South and NC. I love that it’s not too difficult to find a church fellowship as it might be in other areas of the country. Mostly, I love that my family is not so far away from us in NC.

    (Whenever Chad brings up the possibility of transfer, I am to reminded to pray that the Lord will make it clear to me when that time comes that I need to haul my family elsewhere.)

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