Natasha’s Study: SDWSC Chapter 4

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Scripture Reference: Gospel of John 12: 1-7, Matthew 26: 6-13, Mark 14: 3-9

And the Gospel of Luke 7: 36-50

Discussion Point 4:  “In this act of worship, she lived loved” Elisa Morgan, Page 23

Reading this chapter was actually the first time I observed the contrasts between Mary of Bethany’s story as outlined in the three gospels and the story of the sinful woman told in Luke 7: 36-50.  I do believe that both of these women did what they could.  They responded to Jesus in ways that no one else in his presence did. 

Since the SDWSC book clearly focuses on Mary of Bethany’s worship, let us use this chapter to focus on the story presented in the book of Luke.  From the scripture and the book reading, we know that under the host’s direction, servants would wash the feet of visitors of the home.  However, Simon the Pharisee failed to offer Jesus this hospitable service.  We do not know why this customary practice was neglected, but we know that this woman took action. 

Jesus said that she acted out of her faith, and her faith saved her (verse 50).  This simple action was symbolic of the forgiveness that she received from Christ (verse 47 & 48).     This simple action was a reflection of the love that she had towards him (verse 47).  Her decision to take action actually brought peace to her life (verse 50).   

This too was an act of revelation, worship, and thanksgiving.  I believe that she understood who Jesus was, and Jesus honored her gratitude by changing her life.  We have the privilege of worshipping him in the same way by reflecting on the actions of these two women.  You can start right here, right now…

What opportunities will you take to worship him?

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