Sunday Brunch: The Greatest Among Us

  Scripture Reference: Matthew 23: 1-12             Today, my pastor preached on the topic, “How to WIN Respect.”  He highlighted the importance of speaking truthfully, serving happily, sharing generously, and succeeding humbly.  Not surprisingly, most of the scripture references came from the Book of Proverbs, which anchors its foundation in great, Godly wisdom.             WhileContinue reading “Sunday Brunch: The Greatest Among Us”

Coffee Talk: Why I love North Carolina

 I am originally from South Carolina, but lived in North Carolina for the first three years of my military active duty career.  The last five years have been spent in the Maryland/DC area.  I’m so glad to be once again living in North Carolina…this feels like home to me.  This week I was constantly remindedContinue reading “Coffee Talk: Why I love North Carolina”