Natasha’s Study: SDWSC Chapter 9

    SDWSC Official Homepage Scripture Reference: Gospel of John 6: 1-14, 12: 1-7; Matthew 26: 6-13; Mark 14: 3-9 Discussion Point 9:  “When I put my “what” in Jesus’ hands, it becomes enough.” – Elisa Morgan, page 56 She Did What She Could, when she could identify her “What?” This chapter addresses ourContinue reading “Natasha’s Study: SDWSC Chapter 9”

HOT Topic Friday: A Way Up for African-American Boys

  Today is the first in a Friday Hot Topic Series concerning the issues that are affecting our African-American boys.  I call it a hot topic series because there has been some chatter about the increasing concerns.  As we will observe in this post, however, it is one thing to look at or talk aboutContinue reading “HOT Topic Friday: A Way Up for African-American Boys”

Coffee Talk: Quick Fixes & Unexpected Returns

  I had a sinus infection all weekend.  It actually started on last Wednesday evening with a sore throat, right around the time for choir rehearsal no less.  The sore throat persisted on Thursday, and exploded into a sneeze evolution, slight headache, nose drainage, and the thought of my head as a balloon by Friday. Continue reading “Coffee Talk: Quick Fixes & Unexpected Returns”