Worldview: When God Blesses Breasts…

Several websites are reporting the Pediatrics Journal’s latest research findings, revealing that girls in the United States are reaching puberty earlier than ever.  Of course this research raises concerns for the young ladies’ health, including breast cancer and risk of sexual behavior.  Although speculations are rapid, the true cause for this pattern is unknown.

While reading the reports this week, I was drawn again to the practice of “breast ironing.”  This practice was brought to my attention several weeks ago through a YouTube view.  I thought about discussing the topic then, but the images, the videos (and there are many of them), and the practice were far too troubling to adequately put into words.  My heart was troubled for days, yet here I am again pondering the plight of little girls all over the world. 

Breast ironing is the practice (normally implemented by the mother!) where hot stones are pressed on a young girl’s breasts to prevent them from growing.  The parents conclude that smaller breast, no breasts, or even deformed breasts will make the young girl less attractive…preventing sexual behavior and pregnancy.  These parents consider breast ironing a reasonable form of birth control.  Somehow, the United States’ debate about whether or not to issue condoms in schools pales in comparison to this practice.  

I have linked a “cleaner” video about the little girls suffering under this practice in Cameroon.  This video is not appropriate for children, and adults should be discerning about whether or not to view its contents. 

 I don’t know what to say or do about this practice.  I know that God values our bodies and has ordained the beauty of a woman’s body.  Is sex the issue to discuss here?  I know some who will argue that abstinence does not work.  I submit that abstinence does work for those who practice it.  Is education the topic of discussion?  Or how are we, as parents and adults, to protect our children?  How do we raise girls to value their bodies so that parents don’t resort to extreme measures, boys are required to respect, and girls are choosing abstinence before marriage?

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One thought on “Worldview: When God Blesses Breasts…

  1. What am I gonna do? For so long, since I became delivered from fornication, I thought, “Do people really know about this term? What am I gonna do?” Although I have a child out of wedlock, knowing God’s truth now bothers me when people young or old go down this path. What am I gonna do? Another one of my young teenage cousins is expecting. Although I am excited about the life God has blessed her with, it saddens my heart that she is so young and now her and her mate have to prepare for parenthood. And again God says, “What are you gonna do? How will you help others see what I have revealed to you?” These issues concern me. Instead of just being sad about them and saying “God is not pleased,” I decided to listen to God and launch two ministries. Now I’m studying God’s word and getting involved in my community to help prevent pre-martial sex and teenage pregnancy. I will say it’s not easy. I encounter older people who think I’m acting too holy and I can’t tell them what to do. I encounter teenagers who think they are too grown to be told what to do and are simply rude. But I pray that God orders my steps and leads me because I know it’s His will. * *

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