Natasha’s Study: SDWSC Chapter 7

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Scripture Reference: Gospel of John 12: 1-7, Matthew 26: 6-13, Mark 14: 3-9

Discussion Point 7: “Doing what I could means bringing me, all of me, to the realization that I am loved by God and that from that love, I can act.  The good, fun parts of me and the not-so-great parts of me too.” Elisa Morgan, page 43

Referencing our photo caption, I pulled the bottom except from the “Heart to Heart with Holly (Greth)” blog:

I carried this print from Red Letter Words to my workout room, intending to hang it on the wall. Until I could, I leaned it against the television. It stayed there.

Now when I ride my exercise bike I look at it and think of the contrast between who that TV says I have to be and who God says I am. There’s a vast difference.

Sometimes I just need a little reminder, maybe you do too…

You, girl, are one-of-a-kind-wonderful. You started in God’s heart, were shaped by His hands, then presented to the world as a gift. 

No matter how it feels, no matter what you’ve been through, that’s still true. You are of great worth, the only YOU ever made.

There’s a part of who God is that gets only expressed through who you are.

For full blog post:

Holly must have read our book, or maybe she was only reading the Holy Bible.  Nevertheless, she is a woman who evaluated her daily struggle and made the commitment to stand in agreement with God, in affirmation that the person he created her to be is “very good.”

Therefore, I challenged myself to make a list (though not all inclusive) of “I AM” Statements:

I am loved by God.  I am created in his image.  I am saved by the blood and finished work of Jesus on the cross.  I am a woman.  I am an African American.  I am a wife, mother, sister, and friend.  I am a graduate of the Naval Academy.  I am a former Marine Corps Officer.  I am a federal employee.  I am a public servant.  I am a Southern girl from a small town (with a Wal-Mart).  I am a leader.  I am a manager.  I am a mentor.  I am an administrator.  I am an analyst (check out the blog post – Coffee Talk: Pet Peeves).  I am a strategic planner.  I am an encourager.  I am someone who stands in the face of enemies.  I am persistent.  I am resilient.  I am a fighter.  I am a person of integrity.  I am passionate about diversity outreach.  I am passionate about education.  I am passionate about sharing the good news of Jesus, and discipling believers.  I am in love with imparting these passions to other people.

On the other hand, much like Elisa revealed, “I am impatient, controlling, and judgmental at times… Sometimes insincere, know-it-all-ish, and shortsighted.”  Chiefly, I am a sinner saved by God’s grace.  Additionally, I am a person who sometimes says “Yes” when I should say “No.”  (Working on that one.)  I am not politically correct.  I am not a kiss up.  (I have observed the hard way on multiple occasions, that there are appropriate times and beneficial means of being politically correct and kissing up, but I cannot stomach the thought of doing either.)  I am a person who has suffered through family hardships and in my own marriage.  I am a prideful person, who likes having things done my way. Gulp…

Both, the good and the not so good parts of me are sometimes unsettling.  I love the Lord, and trust that he has the power and will change my selfish heart to surrender all of me totally to him.  I also trust that God can use me, an imperfect and broken vessel, and all of my experiences (whether good or bad) for the uplifting of his kingdom.

What if you took an inventory of your offerings?  How would you see yourself?  Does that translate to how God’s sees you?  What would you do?

“God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them…God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.”  Genesis 1:27, 31a

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