Worldview: An Experience in India

From Kim’s (on the left) personal photo collection

My friend, Kim Carter, recently returned from a mission trip in India.  Kim was an active participant in the women’s small group ministry at my former church.  She is so gracious to share her experience with us.  Take a look.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

My name is Kim Carter. I became a Christian at the tender age of seven years old.  I’m married with two children.

2. What compelled you to go on a mission trip?

I have been praying to God and asking for ways to serve him.  This mission trip came about and I felt God was leading me this way. I prayed and the doors of opportunity flew open.

3. While on a mission trip, it is said that you should take something with you and bring something back.  What did you take with you, and what did you bring back?

I felt like I brought more back than I took. The overwhelming spirit of the people was incredible. They were welcoming and passionate. They had very little means and were not complaining about what they lacked. The people of India a generous; they would make sure that we had everything needed for our stay. I feel like I offered hope and gave compassion to the women of India. I prayed with many young and older ladies, and truly feel that God sent me to India to be an encourager for the women.

4. In these tough economic times, some people may think that traveling internationally to share the gospel of Jesus is too expensive.  How were you able to make such a sacrifice?  How did preparing for the trip challenge you spiritually? 

I made a financial sacrifice to attend the trip and trusted God to fund the difference.  We also had financial sponsors.

5. What did the entire mission trip experience teach you?

Language is not a barrier for people who feel pain, joy, and every other emotion just as we do, and God is watching over them just as he watches over us.

6. What did you learn about the culture? 

They are hard working people.  They are close knit; they help each other out in a great community of love.

7. What would you like others to take away from the sharing of your experience?

Do not take people for granted. Rely on God for all of our daily needs. God is alive here in America and in the lives and faces of the people in India.

Note: This post was edited by Natasha.

To find out more about this mission trip check out their blog.

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