Coffee Talk: Quick Fixes & Unexpected Returns


I had a sinus infection all weekend.  It actually started on last Wednesday evening with a sore throat, right around the time for choir rehearsal no less.  The sore throat persisted on Thursday, and exploded into a sneeze evolution, slight headache, nose drainage, and the thought of my head as a balloon by Friday.  This was a very big weekend and I could not afford to be sick.  As if there is ever a good time to be sick.

So I ran to the closest CVS on Friday morning meeting to grab the generic brand of Claritin and a few Chloraseptic losengers for my throat.  I was hoping to have relief (no matter how slight) by the evening hours.  My relief never came.  As a matter of fact, things only got worst.  I went to meet a new community of people with a tissue box in hand for fear of embarrassment that I would not make it to the restroom in time to wipe my nose.  I was a walking germ with sanitizer in her pocket.  I could not breathe through my nose, and did not sleep that night.

I was frustrated because the medicine did not work.  I mean I did pay $13+tax and expected results.  What’s worst is according to the instructions on the medicine box, I could not take another cold pill of any kind for another twenty four hours.  I’m pretty strict about adhering to those rules.  So, I suffered for the rest of the weekend.  I drove two hours to get home on Saturday evening and before I went home to kiss my family, I headed straight to the grocery store.  I was going to find a solution to fix this problem, and quickly.  I really wanted something that would also give me the ability to sleep.  Down the aisles I go…Where is that Advil Cold and Sinus?  It must be here somewhere.  I don’t see it.  Don’t like the taste of NyQuil, so that won’t work.  Tylenol Cold and Flu.  Ahh, that might do the trick.

            But wait a minute Tasha, go talk to the pharmacist guy; He’s sitting over there bored with nothing to do at work.

Me:  Hi, how are you?  These are my symptoms; I feel like trash.  This is what I took yesterday, and it did not work.  What can I take now?


Him: You have a sinus infection.  We are seeing a lot of that going around.  Your body is responding exactly as it should to fight off the infection.  It will probably take you another two or three days to get back to normal.  Don’t buy anything else, and don’t take anymore of that Claritin stuff – It will only dry you up and prolong the infection.  Go home.  Drink plenty of water, and maybe take some Sudafed.

Me: Thank you, have a good day.

 As I walked to the car, I thought in amazement about how incredible our bodies are designed.  My body sometimes responds positively and at other times negatively without my controlling it or willing it to do what it was designed to do.  I sit at the steering wheel in awesome wonder.  I can rest and drink water – two other gifts that are given to us for free.  And now on the road to recovery, I can say “Thank you.”

Have your received any refreshing reminders from God lately?

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Servant of Jesus. Truth-teller. Leader. Mentor. Author of Books.

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