Natasha’s Study: “She Did What She Could” Summary

She Did What She Could Cover PhotoThe fall season is upon many of us, and I have recommended a book to read this quarter as you snuggle by the fireplace or drink your hot chocolate. I look forward to reading your comments and dialoging about Tim Keller’s “Counterfeit Gods.”

In the meantime, I know that some of you have started (but have not finished) or still desire to pick up Elisa Morgan’s “She Did What She Could.” So, I wanted to send you a quick summary of discussion points to assist you in continuing the effort. Please let me know what you think.

Scripture References: Gospel of John 12: 1-7, Matthew 26: 6-13, Mark 14: 3-9

Chapter 1: “God’s love changes us. Radically. All of us. And when we are different, we make a difference in our world.” (pg 5)

Chapter 2: “She acted out of her love. She knew that Jesus loved her, and she loved him back. She lived loved. That’s the whole point of the gospel, isn’t it?” (pg 12)

Chapter 3: “She was a specific woman with a specific story who acted out of the particulars of her life.” (pg 19)

Chapter 4: “In this act of worship, she lived loved.” (pg 23)

Chapter 5: “Her deed became paired with the gospel because it spelled out how to follow in everyday action.” (pg 31)

Chapter 6: “Jesus paired the gospel with a relationship of love that expresses itself in loving service.” (pg 37)

Chapter 7: “Doing what I could means bringing me, all of me, to the realization that I am loved by God and that from that love, I can act. The good, fun parts of me and the not-so-great parts of me too.” (pg 43)

Chapter 8: “What if I didn’t just do what I was obligated to do but actually invested and did something that I knew would matter” (pg 48)

Chapter 9: “When I put my “what” in Jesus’ hands, it becomes enough.” (pg 56)

Chapter 10: “We sometimes forget that doing what we could means living loved…But our action arises out of a relationship of love, stunning possibilities emerge. Fear fades into the background. Options grow. Choices flow. Suddenly we know – and so we go.” (pg 68)

Chapter 11: “There is a sacrificial element to doing what you can.” (pg 75)

Chapter 12: “What if I lived each day with the commitment to do what I could in that day, to know that I am loved by Jesus and to love him back?” (pg 81)

Chapters 13 & 14: “We care. But too often we stop because we think that in order for it to count, to make a difference that matters, we have to do something big. Or everything we could do. Or something no else has done.” (pg 99)

Exciting announcements on the way! Blessings until tomorrow, Natasha

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