The Best of This Month

I hope that everyone had a wonderfully relaxing holiday with family and friends. We enjoyed two days of rest and relaxation.

"The Robinson Family" Thanksgiving 2009

As everyone recovers from the turkey and stuffing, I wanted to share the best (or most viewed) posts this month. I would love to hear your thoughts on the topics.



A lot of words flood our minds when we think of Jesus, but for me, “Mentor” was not one of them. After reading this book, Regi Campbell makes it clear that the word “mentor” solidly stands next to words like teacher, healer, miracle-worker, when describing Jesus. Mentoring is synonymous with discipleship, and that motivates me all the more towards this important work!


Titus Chapter 2 gives a clear outline for older and wiser men and women of faith to teach and train the younger, so that they too can become wise concerning Godly living. Again, we see the importance of mentoring clearly presented in the scriptures. Please join the lively discussion about the things we want to know from the wiser women in our lives, and what we as individuals are best qualified to teach the younger.


I love this inspirational poem! I thought about it for many days when navigating the waters as a midshipman at the Naval Academy. It will encourage you.


This is my first weekly devotional post. I’m trying to learn the skill of devotional writing. The scriptures shared in this post remind us all of the importance of remembering the many blessings that God gives to us on a daily basis, to not take those blessings for granted, and to always give thanks. This message is timeless, particularly this week as we enter the season of Advent.


is the second post for this quarter’s book recommendation. In it, we discuss the challenge of confronting, and not denying, the idols that plague our lives. This week, I hope to conclude this book recommendation series by discussing Jesus, as the only hope to replace the idols that can sometimes plague our hearts.

I hope to write you a couple more posts this week, but no promises. I have to two tests and one doctrinal paper to complete before Monday. After that, I hope to get back on the blog saddle.

Love and Blessings, Natasha

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