Natasha’s Study: Mentor Like Jesus

After reading through the ministry and leadership material on hand, and researching the topic on the internet, I came across a recommendation of Regi Campbell’s book entitled, “Mentor Like Jesus.” I have often thought of Jesus as a lot of things. Not only has he impacted my life, but he is my life. Similar to the obvious situation with my mother, however, I had never really thought of him as a mentor. Wow! At the time his book was published, Regi had “graduated” his eighth group of young men from his personal mentoring ministry, a ministry that has the mentoring relationships between Jesus and his twelve disciples as its foundation.

Worldview: A Box of Hope

Our church goal is to send 600 shoe boxes in support of the Operation Christmas Child ministry. I look forward to taking my daughter to church a couple weeks from now and having her observe all of the boxes stacked high for shipment to another country. I will share with her the amazing things that God can do through each of us and how our contributions together, no matter how small, can be multiplied to touch people’s lives and share God’s love. It is a blessing to share hope.