Leaders: Why attend the Synergy 2011 Conference?

I’ve handed out brochures about it, sent Twitter and Facebook reminders, and referenced it in a few blogs, but have I clearly communicated why I take the time to mention the Synergy Conference? Simply put, I am an advocate for this conference because it is relevant! Synergy challenges men and women to live as God intended from the very beginning of creation; when he was pleased with humankind and we were free to live out his promises for our lives. Synergy will challenge you and change your life. Here is a very personal prospective about my “Synergy experiences.”

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The Best of 2010!

After much contemplation, I began blogging on June 29, 2010. In that short amount of time, I have been continuously challenged…I have grown in my faith and womanhood. Thank you for spending this time with me and for sharing your thoughts.

These are the “best” five or most viewed topics of the year:

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