Natasha’s Study: God’s Big Picture

God's Big Picture PhotoI read this book over the summer because it was a recommended reading for those entering seminary. I don’t consider it an “academic” read. The subtitle of the book is “Tracing the storyline of the Bible,” and the author literally does a wonderful job of just that. He walks the reader from the Garden of Eden in the book of Genesis to the new Heaven and new earth in the book of Revelations. He affirms that the entire Bible is about the salvation offered through Jesus. He outlines the kingdom of God under three categories: God’s people, God’s place, and God’s rule and blessing. The book includes fundamental truths about the Bible and Christian beliefs. He does not cover every book in the Bible, but he does highlight the majority of them. There are Bible study questions at the end of each chapter, so this book can also be used as a devotional. I highly recommend it for an unbelieving friend, a new Christian, or the Christian who desires a stronger foundation in their faith.

Here is a short nugget of truth shared from the book:

“God’s new community will be a multiracial, multicultural society uniting black and white, male and female, Serb and Croat, Arab and Jew. The church on earth should already be reflecting that glorious vision.”

May we all work towards that vision here on earth in anticipation of its perfection when Christ returns!

If you are still shopping for Christmas presents, I recommend Nicole Unice’s “Divine Pursuit: A Study of Jonah” for the young person in your life. All proceeds from the sales will support the International Justice Mission. You can purchase the book here:

By the way, if you pick up “Counterfeit Gods” or “She Did What She Could,” I would love to chat about those books also.

What other books do you recommend as Christmas presents?

Blessings, Natasha L. Robinson

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