The Best of 2010!

After much contemplation, I began blogging on June 29, 2010. In that short amount of time, I have been continuously challenged…I have grown in my faith and womanhood. Thank you for spending this time with me and for sharing your thoughts.

These are the “best” five or most viewed topics of the year:

1. August 28, 2010 – HOT TOPIC: A Way Up for African-American Boys

This Hot Topic was the most viewed post of the year, and addressed issues plaguing our African-American boys. These issues include the high school drop out rate and a wide path to jail and drugs. This five part series (all segments listed under blog category “Hot Topic”) presented the following solutions to the problems: 1. Share Jesus, 2. Be a Mentor, 3. Be a Tutor, and 4. Be a Living Example. I hope to continue this discussion and hopefully record testimonies and positive solutions in the years to come.

2. June 29, 2010 – WORLDVIEW: Man in the Mirror

This was my first blog post, written at the one year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. “Man in the Mirror” is my favorite MJ song and it challenges all of us to consider how we can make a change in this world. This is a wonderful thought to ponder as we approach the start of a New Year and embrace new beginnings.

3. July 6, 2010 – NATASHA’S STUDY: She Did What She Could Chapter 1

This is the first post for our first book discussion. The author of the book is Elisa Morgan and through Mary of Bethany’s experience with Jesus, Morgan challenges each of us to be intentional about living our faith and doing what we can to live in love and share Jesus with our neighbors. I highly recommend adding this book to your library and buying it as a gift for a friend. I would love to continue the chat if you pick it up.

4. September 10, 2010 – HOT TOPIC: African-American Boys Series, BE A MENTOR

This is part three of the series, and features an interview with my friend and fellow Naval Academy graduate, Marlon Terrell. He addresses the importance and challenges of mentoring. Marlon also provides three keys to mentoring.

5. July 13, 2010 – WORLDVIEW: No More Fairy Tales

This post caused many to wrestle with the true cultural challenges weathered by the women in the Bible. Once we truly understand their society and culture, we can better understand them. In understanding them, we can then wrestle with the significance of their stories and consider: Why God chose to share their stories with us and what relevance do these stories have on our lives.

I thank God that I am writing and being changed, and that you are reading and getting the significance of the blog categories and why I write in the first place. I look forward to a time of new exploration and challenges in 2011. I hope that you join me on the journey, and bring a friend.

What topics would you like to discuss in 2011?

Love and Blessings, Natasha

© Natasha L. Robinson 2010

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Servant of Jesus. Truth-teller. Leader. Mentor. Author of Books.

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