Leaders: Why attend the Synergy 2011 Conference?

I’ve handed out brochures about it, sent Twitter and Facebook reminders, and referenced it in a few blogs, but have I clearly communicated why I take the time to mention the Synergy Conference? Simply put, I am an advocate for this conference because it is relevant! Synergy challenges men and women to live as God intended from the very beginning of creation; when he was pleased with humankind and we were free to live out his promises for our lives. Synergy will challenge you and change your life. Here is a very personal prospective about my “Synergy experiences.”


First, let me start out by saying that I am not a conference junkie. I don’t attend many conferences at all, but if I am going to travel and spend money to attend a conference, I fully expect to get something out of it…and it has to be more than hearing a big name speaker “bring the word.” Honestly, I can receive that message daily and for free over the internet.

I attended my first Synergy conference in 2008, two years after meeting its founder and author, Caroyln Custis James. Prior to attending, I read Carolyn’s first book entitled, “When Life and Beliefs Collide.” It rejuvenated life to what was literally a dead situation. My life and beliefs had collided in a big way. The fact that I knew God, made all of the difference. She wrote the truth concerning God’s plans for me as a woman. From that place of brokenness, I began to write. She encouraged me to attend Synergy, and I fully expected to hear the same truth that I read on the pages of her book. I received that truth again and so much more.

At the 2008 conference, I met her husband who encouraged me to write from “an African-American” prospective…so, I did. As a result, I completed the manuscript for my spiritual memoir a few months ago. We will see what God does with that hidden treasure. At the conference, I had the original languages translated for words like “helper” and “virtuous.” Carolyn taught me that “ezer” means so much more than its English translation “helper.” Alice Matthews taught me that “chayil” means so much more than its English translation of “virtuous” as descriptive of the Proverbs 31 woman. It’s over two years later, and I am writing this blog without notes, so that tells you how much those messages still resonate with me.

At the 2009 conference, I reconnected with one friend in particular who I met the previous year. Over her coffee and my juice, she sincerely asked, “How can I help you?” I know she meant it, because she has helped me. She introduced me to the right person which led to the publication of my first article at Christianity Today’s Gifted for Leadership online blog. She has assisted in my research for establishing a women’s mentoring ministry at my local church. She takes the time to listen and respond. At the conference, I sat with a woman whose father was murdered and husband was imprisoned for sharing the gospel. How is that for a dose of humility and a swift kick to get going concerning the things of the Lord? In 2009, I met several more friends…many whom I chat with weekly via blogs, twitter, and Facebook. I sometimes connect with them more often than those that live in close proximity to me (which may or may not be a good thing). I Skype with one of those friends approximately once every three weeks. We pray for each other and I miss her dearly in between those talks. Attendees who were serious about pursuing God and his call for their life were encouraged to attend seminary, so I applied and began seminary this past August.

This conference is for Christians who are not content with showing up to church on Sunday mornings and adjusting as life passes them by. This conference is for the Christian who understands the responsibilities of evangelism, discipleship, and humbly sharing the love of Jesus by showing mercy and advocating for justice for all people everywhere.

Synergy is about men and women loving, learning, and serving together. It is about connecting with others on the journey and equipping them to serve as God intended. Synergy is a place for leaders who are humble, broken, and challenged by the responsibilities that God has entrusted to them. Synergy is for people who understand that Jesus has the victory, and stand on guard to fight the battles until his return.

I do not miss this conference! I scheduled my courses around it next semester so that I would not. Early Bird registration ends in just two days. Registration covers most meals and a few surprises! I encourage you to register now, and trust God to provide resources to attend the conference from March 4-6, 2011 in Orlando, FL. Here are a few other reasons to attend:

  • I’m giving a “Bloggers for Beginners” workshop with Nicole Unice (don’t know if I was supposed to share that), but it’s true. I’m locked in for it.
  • You might be the first to hear about Carolyn Custis James new book release “Half the Church.”
  • Awesome keynote speaker line-up: Sheryl WuDunn, co-author of Half the Sky; Andy Crouch, author of Culture Making; Nikki-Toyama-Szeto, Urbana Program Director; and Carolyn herself


I look forward to seeing you in March. You can register here: http://www.synergytoday.org/register.html

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Have you been to a Synergy conference? Please share your experience. Are you coming in 2011?

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