Beth Moore’s Prayer for Young Leaders


A couple months ago, I was honored to accompany our Women’s Ministry Director to a Leadership Conference that featured Beth Moore as the keynote speaker. I have heard about Beth Moore, but prior to the conference I had not experienced her in any significant way. I had not heard her speak and I had not read any of her ministry resources. It was a wonderful weekend and there are actually several phenomenal speakers, but the greatest impact for me was reflecting on the prayer that Mrs. Beth spoke over the young leaders in attendance. As young leaders, we stood as the older and wiser women lay their hands on us and she prayed the following words:

Our Dear Daughters

And our beloved little sisters

This day on November 11, 2010

We publically acknowledge

Your high calling in Jesus Christ

And your vital place in this generation

We pledge to be there for you

To give you what we have

To stand up for you

To pray for you

And to believe in what

God can do with you

In the power of Christ

You have what it takes

To carry to torch of the gospel

To your God-ordained generation

You are gifted by God

And fitted for your calling

At all costs

Resist comparison and competition

We are one Body

Our unity is in our diversity

Surrender yourself daily to LOVE

Humble yourself daily to truly LIVE

The future is in good hands

Because it’s in God’s Hands

Be strong and courageous

Be of good cheer!

Jesus is with you

And He will keep you strong till the end

Now unto Him Who is able To keep you from falling

Be glory and majesty Power and authority

Through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen

Copyright 2010 Beth Moore

We ended this time in complete surrender and worship of our great God, many of us on our knees and lying prostrate on the floor before the Lord who is worthy of our praise…honored for the privilege to be in His kingdom and share in his ministry of love and reconciliation.

So for the leaders, young and old, I am praying this same prayer for you in the New Year and meditating on the following scriptures: 1 Corinthians 12: 4-31 and Ephesians 4:1-7, 11-16. Let us be faithful in our service to the glory of God and uplifting of his kingdom. We have the victory in Jesus!

How are you more focused as a leader at the start of this year? How is God challenging your growth as a leader?

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© Natasha L. Robinson 2011

Published by Natasha Sistrunk Robinson

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6 thoughts on “Beth Moore’s Prayer for Young Leaders

  1. Good prayer. Especially when it puts sisters on their faces before the Lord. That’s where we need to live–symbolically all the time, literally often.

    Be blessed on your birthday, Natasha!

    1. Certainly agree Judy that having our sisters and brothers on their faces before the Lord is always a good thing, and that’s where we all need to live–symbolically all the time, literally often. I pray for more opportunities to literally experience free worship with brothers and sisters often. Maybe if we are actually still and know that he is the Lord, we will see the miracles of the NT church. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

  2. Nice work here and throughout your blog!! Let me also be the first to say here–

    !!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!

    We love you and your family!

  3. Thank you for this. When I heard God tell me to start a teenage pregnancy prevention program, I was like really God, ok. Im kind of shy and I know “sex” is a touch subject… But nonetheless, I am being obident and very pleased with my progress so far. So my prayer for 2011 is boldness. Boldness in the Word. Boldness in my delivery. Boldness.

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