Coffee Talk: Stuck in the Snow

Children are a reward from the Lord – Psalm 127:3b


I was snowed in with my beloved three year old earlier this week. Here’s what transpired:


  • We played, played, and played some more.


  • I stretched over the bed or sat on the couch and read a ton of books. (These are not the books that I am supposed to be reading mind you; no, these books have pictures and inform me that “big” and “small” are opposites. I then pretended to be intrigued by this new revelation in my life.)


  • We sang off key together.


  • She decided that since school was closed, she didn’t need to wash her face, brush her teeth, or change out of her pull-ups and into panties. Of course, I corrected that misconception.


  • She helped me cook dinner. (I’m working the whole Proverbs 31 thing. We have to start early you know.)


  • We made silly sentences, spelled words, and attempted to read.


  • Drawing and devotion were also enjoyable.


  • She refused to take a nap (several hours after informing me she was tired).


  • While she napped, I settled for a few minutes of peace and quiet (to check email, twitter, and read). In less than two hours, she was up and we are doing it all over again.


Have you been stuck in the snow this week? Did the weather lead you to relax or be productive?

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© Natasha L. Robinson 2011

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