Coffee Talk: No More Sappy Valentines

I walked through the mall this weekend and searched for an appropriate Valentine’s Day card while my daughter pulled on my right leg. We were well into her designated naptime and she was irritable. There was nothing romantic about the moment. There I was at Hallmark reading through Valentine’s cards… Read first card. “Yeah right.” Read second card. “Baby, please wait. Mommy will be with you in a moment.” Read tenth card. “Yawn.” Card fifteen. “Baby, Mommy is almost done.” Card twenty. “That’s so not me.” Then I finally came across a few practical, yet loving cards that better define me and him and our life together.

Please don’t get me wrong…I love flowers, and chocolate, and romance, and diamonds just as much as the next girl. I also love everything that follows flowers, chocolate, romance and diamonds, but the reality is that I do not live in those “warm and fuzzy” places all of the time and those singular moments are not the only things that articulate love to me.

Any fantasy that we should expect to live in 24-7, is a deception that has so many people avoiding a marital commitment and so many others bailing on their current marriages. A divorce for “irreconcilable differences” is normally stating, “I no longer have the warm and fuzzy feeling, so I want to get out.” Our view of love has clearly been distorted, especially when I think about the one who has given us the greatest love of all.

When I think about the passionate love that Christ has for us, I see a picture of a man who continued to give sacrificially even unto death. I see a man who loved me so much that he fled from temptation and maintained his laser focus. I see a man who persevered when he was tired, when his family thought he was crazy, when his friends disappointed him, and when people made a public spectacle out of him.

“Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13

I did purchase a valentine card and received one from my husband as well. We both appreciated them, but we continue to remember that there is a greater love and a greater call on our lives to love each other and others with the same love that Jesus showed us: a sacrificial love, tired love, crazy love, and often disappointing and persevering love.

I did not find a “Sappy Valentine’s Card” to describe that kind of love, but I want to love and be loved like that.

How deep is your love?

© Natasha L. Robinson 2011

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5 thoughts on “Coffee Talk: No More Sappy Valentines

  1. This article really sends a perfound message about love. We need to be reminded ever so often. Great video also.

  2. This was the sort of spiritually edifying message I had longed for concerning marriage. How beautiful is His unfailing love for us! And what a model we can try to emulate for our spouses!

  3. Love the message. Love the song. Thank you for this blog. I’ve been reading most of the evening. I never realized I could worship God by reading & listening on my computer. Thanks for sharing & reminding me where it all started. Love.

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