HOT TOPIC: Justice – Is It Sacred or Secular?

  POST UPDATE 02/26/2011: I love that blogging challenges me to wrestle with difficult topics and gives me an opportunity to learn. After publishing this post, I was informed by a friend that Bono is indeed a Christian. I rejoiced at the news! Check out what Bono has to say about the gospel: I was too excited to reach my quarterlyContinue reading “HOT TOPIC: Justice – Is It Sacred or Secular?”

Coffee Talk: No More Sappy Valentines

I walked through the mall this weekend and searched for an appropriate Valentine’s Day card while my daughter pulled on my right leg. We were well into her designated naptime and she was irritable. There was nothing romantic about the moment. There I was at Hallmark reading through Valentine’s cards… Read first card. “Yeah right.”Continue reading “Coffee Talk: No More Sappy Valentines”