Natasha’s Study: TTP Chapter 5 – Getting Started with Giving

  This is the chapter where the rubber meets the road. We have talked about God’s ownership of everything, our desire and love for money, and the difference between storing up our treasures on earth and storing up our treasures in Heaven. Here comes the big question, “So what? Or what can we do aboutContinue reading “Natasha’s Study: TTP Chapter 5 – Getting Started with Giving”

Worldview: One Woman With a Voice

There is much division in the world today, both in the political arena and in the church. In my Protestant tradition, we disagree on things such as women’s roles in leadership, what to do with the homosexuality issues and even the style of worship music. It can be confusing and use up a lot of our time and energy as we debate the minutia of Christian life. I may never have all the answers when it comes to what divides the church or our nation; however, if I am sure of one thing it is this: I am not wrong if I am spending myself on behalf of the poor and the oppressed.