Worldview: The Easy Life

What would you say to a young 18 year old girl, a sophomore in high school who escaped North Korea with her family and moved to China at the age of six as a result of political persecution? What would you say if you knew that at a young age, her pregnant mother died from leukemia and her father was arrested for his Christian beliefs, never to be heard from again? What would you say to a young girl with that background?


Better yet, what would she say to you? Check it out:

After listening to her message, I am reminded the New Testament and early church believers counted it a privilege to be persecuted for the sake of the gospel. They did not come to Jesus because they wanted an easy life and wanted Jesus to bless them with health, wealth, and a comfortable living. They came to Jesus because of who he proclaimed to be, the Son of God who takes away the sins of the world.

I am reminded that persecution makes individual Christians and the universal church stronger. Do we welcome persecution of our faith in America? Or do we avoid it by keeping our mouths shut while interacting in our families, workplaces, secular book clubs, or our children’s schools? More importantly, does our life reflect one that warrants persecution at all?

Finally, I am disheartened yet encouraged. I am disheartened because we expect far too little of our young people in this country, yet I am encouraged that we have this young woman on the battle field with a heart to evangelize the people of North Korea and a war cry that Jesus loves her, and Jesus saves…may we all have the same passion for advancing God’s kingdom forward.

I have learned something from this young sister on today. How about you?

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