Coffee Talk: Has the American Dream Failed Us?

I can’t seem to grasp that we are in the midst of the graduation season and my brother is graduating from high school on tomorrow! Where has all of the time gone? With so many young people leaving the nest to embrace new beginnings and given the uncertainties of our economic times, I’ve asked myself, “What value do we still place in the American Dream?” 

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A Leadership Point for All Christians to Ponder

Ignorant. Is that a word that describes Christians today? Is that a word that describes the condition of the Christian church?

In light of the failed Rapture (that many studious Bible believing Christians knew would not happen), the ending of the infamous Oprah Winfrey Show, celebrities and reality stars throwing out free advice on parenting and “open” marriages, political and religious leaders constantly under scrutiny for their moral failures, the global crises and oppression throughout the world, and the empty responses to the natural disasters that are killing people throughout the country, I wonder if people even care what Christians have to say concerning these issues, and more importantly how Christians take action and respond to them.

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