Coffee Talk: A Prayer for Our Nation

Today marks the 60th observance of the National Day of Prayer. This annual event takes place on the first Thursday of every May.

This year’s theme is “A Mighty Fortress is Our God.” Christians throughout the nation are praying for our:

Government – 1 Timothy 2:1-2

Church – John 17:23

Military – Psalm 91:5-6

Family – Mark 3:25

Education – Proverbs 2:3-5 and Psalms 119:66

Media – Philippians 4:8

Business – Proverbs 22:29 and Deuteronomy 25:15

For more information, check out the official website at:


Below is a modified prayer that I wrote and delivered on behalf of our military on the 2008 National Day of Prayer:

A Prayer for the Military

It is our duty as citizens of this great nation to pray for those that God has placed in authority over us, and so I begin this prayer with a prayer for wisdom of our Commander in Chief, the Honorable President Barrack Obama. I pray for our allies that have agreed to accept the high calling of service to ones country and the great calling or willingness to lay down their lives on behalf of their fellow brethren. I pray for my brothers and sisters who are currently in harms way, fighting the forces of evil and defending our freedom. I pray that you will protect them, keep them safe, and bring them home. I pray for their families. I pray that you will comfort them in this time of uncertainty. Where they may feel anxious, I pray that you will provide peace. I pray for members of the United States Coast Guard and National Guard during their peace-keeping operations, as they seek to protect our land and boarders from traffickers and terrorists. I pray for members of the United States Air Force as they seek to defend the U.S. in the air and space missions. I pray for soldiers of the United States Army conducting ground operations in various parts of the world. I pray for sailors of the United States Navy as they protect our seas with honor, courage, and commitment. I pray for the United States Marine Corps as they address the challenges from the sea to the shore. I pray that you will forgive us for our selfish ambitions, for our pride, for our lack of wisdom, and not seeking your face for guidance, for placing our trust in man and confidence in the flesh. Help us to be more like you. I pray that together, we may ultimately fulfill your will…that we remember Jesus’ model of forgiveness…that we take advantage of opportunities to boldly proclaim your gospel at home, and in our travels throughout the world…and that we are forever reminded that through the abiding of faith, hope, and love, and greatest of these is love. Let us all strive to love and live in peace. In your son’s Jesus name, AMEN. – Capt Natasha L. Robinson (May 1, 2008)

Will you please share a special prayer for our country on today?

© Natasha S. Robinson 2011

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