Natasha’s Study: Shopping for Time


I had the wonderful opportunity to fellowship with twenty moms near the end of last week. We laughed together and some shed a few tears; we ate a lot of food, sugar, and chocolate. We decided that while the children were relaxing over the summer, we would continue to bask in each other’s company. Our time together was challenging yet refreshing, powerful and encouraging.

I entered the weekend and Mother’s Day thinking about the challenges and hearts of moms. Moms are busy, burdened, overwhelmed trying to care for their children, some of them also have marriages to cultivate, jobs to work, and extended family and friends that they pour into.

Here’s the thing: We all get 24 hours a day and some of that should be allotted for sleep to replenish the body. “Yet, the human heart does not replenish itself with sleep…We replenish our hearts with the Word of God and prayer (32).”

Convening with God needs to be the priority for every Christian mom. We never feel that we have enough time to do all of the things that we want to do, but always giving out with no plan to prioritize, strategize, and replenish our bodies and hearts can lead to continuous disaster. Sometimes we just don’t know what to do, but God will direct our paths when we surrender our efforts to him.

That’s why I love this small book by Carolyn Mahaney and her daughters entitled, “Shopping for Time: How to Do it All and NOT be Overwhelmed.”

One of my mentors recommended the book to me several years ago and it challenged me with questions like:

What doe s it mean to be a helpmeet?

Think about the last 5 years of your life: Have you done what is good or what is best?

The book also challenged me to examine my life as a new mom through the following priorities:

Priority 1: Grow in Godliness

Priority 2: Love my Family

Priority 3: Serve in the Church

Priority 4: Fellowship with Christians

Priority 5: Evangelize Non-Christians

Priority 6: Attend to My Work

This is a short, simple, smart, biblical and necessary book. I highly recommend it.

How was your Mother’s Day? Do you recommend any books for moms?

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4 thoughts on “Natasha’s Study: Shopping for Time

  1. Mother’s Day was great. I was intentional in enjoying my weekend without doing any motherly duties, school work, etc.
    In reply to your post, I renew my mind it seems like every minute with “I can do all things through Christ which strengthns me.” I know my endurance will pay off in the end. However, my struggle is finding enough time. I have given up luxaries such as TV and have even often scarificed quality time with my daughter. I plan my time wisely which doesn’t always go according to plan.
    So, I will pick up your suggested book with hopes of some helpful suggestions. I welcome any suggestions from anyone.
    (I am a single mother of one active 8yr old, full time student, full time job, actively involved in church, starting a nonprofit, daughter, student of the Word).

  2. My Mother’s day was great! My husband and son showed me love.

    I would recommend “Expect to Win” to all working moms.

    Time savers:
    – ride public transit to work (you can read, pray and plan your day)
    – take 30 mins or less lunchbreaks, so I can leave early to pickup my son
    – wake up early (before 5am)
    – cancel cable
    – pray for divine wisdom, when it comes to time management (i.e. Tell people “No”)

    Gina V.

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