VLOG: The Gospel of Ruth – Lessons in Mentoring

We began book reflections by looking at the relationships presented: The Widows – This Could Be You and Boaz…What a Man? Then we started looking at some of the biblical principles addressed starting with the topic of Submission. Now we take a look at the mentoring relationship between Naomi and Ruth: “Why is it surprisingContinue reading “VLOG: The Gospel of Ruth – Lessons in Mentoring”

Coffee Talk: It’s Mentoring Launch Day!

  The past few weeks have been crazy busy but today it is all about mentoring. We officially launch the Women’s Mentoring Ministry at our church with an intimate dinner on this evening. The leaders have spent many months in prayer and preparation for this night. We have 90 women confirmed to attend. All areContinue reading “Coffee Talk: It’s Mentoring Launch Day!”