HOT TOPIC: Are Women Mission Critical?

It has been a long week of travel, prayer, battling sickness of a family member, visiting with some wonderful friends, and an awful dentist appointment on this morning. I’m still suffering discomfort in my mouth, but my heart has been full from refreshing myself with the truth of God’s word over the past couple weeks.

I have not been able to write much because I’m wrestling and processing a lot of information. Do you wrestle with your calling, God’s direction and guidance, what to do in particular seasons of life…

As a board member of Synergy, my dear friend, Judy is wrestling with the question: Are women critical to God’s mission? This question is the heart of a similar one that I asked not too long ago, “Why are ignorant women accepted in the church?” Our answers to these questions are important both in response and action.


I am excited to be a National Advisory Council member of Synergy as they wrestle through these important questions and seek the Lord about mobilizing an army of women who are equipped to fight beside their Christian brothers and raise young soldiers for God’s army, as we do all that we can under the almighty power of the Holy Spirit to stand against the schemes of the enemy’s attack!

Are women critical to God’s mission? If not, why? If so, do we take that responsibility seriously?

How can we better stand, live and serve on the mission field?

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3 thoughts on “HOT TOPIC: Are Women Mission Critical?

  1. Yes, mission-critical from the get-go, starting in Genesis 2:18. Creation finds its perfect finishing touch with the Creation of Eve. And men and women TOGETHER are blessed to be fruitful and mutliply and to have dominion over the earth. Since Jesus came, we’re set free to restore God’s original dream for male and female to advance God’s Kingdom as teammates.

    My biggest question has been, Why doesn’t the church see women as mission-critical? Thanks for posting!

  2. Agreed, Suzanne! I hope to continue dialog around the question, “Why doesn’t the church see women as mission-critical?” We are the church. I can probably go through several responses in my mind about why men don’t… On the other hand, I believe the Judy is asking in her post and what I have seen lately in my dialog with women is that many of them do not see themselves as mission-critical. This is certainly a tragedy. I am so thankful for those with the courage needed to ask the difficult questions and encourage others to respond. Blessings

  3. Of course it’s a battle. The mission can’t be fulfilled without full deployment of all God’s workers. Thus the enemy uses a devious scheme to disengage half of the forces. We must not allow this to continue!

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