How to Build a Generation of Leaders

The 6 minute video clip that I am sharing with you today is from Cape Town 2010: The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization. The featured speaker is Jane Overstreet of the Development Associates International.

The speaker takes great care to outline the seriousness and necessity of Christ-like Leadership:


While reflecting on the video, I am reminded yet again that leadership is not about me, and it is not about you either. Leadership is about living the gospel in the midst of a dark world and pointing others to Jesus.


Christ is the focus and he has all control. A godly leader realizes that he or she can not do everything. Given the right situation, almost anybody can get a title of leadership, but having a title does not automatically make you a leader. There is a major crisis among us when Christian leaders lack this basic understanding.


Christ-like leadership is a necessity. According to the speaker (and I happen to agree with her), it begins with:


1. Prayer


2. A Commitment to become a more Christ-like leader


3. Releasing and enabling others more. We should find, use, and promote the very best of leadership development.


Mentoring is an effective tool, perhaps the most effective tool, for this consideration. Nobody wants to fail and we should not set others up for failure. While we challenge others, it is important to have someone to assist them along the way and help them to succeed.


4.  Make available, promote, and multiply the very best in leadership opportunities


We have to utilize various methods of training. There is formal training that can be learned in a classroom, through reading, attending seminars, conferences, workshops, etc. There is also what I refer to as on-the-job training which can take place through intentional mentoring, shadowing a leader, or participating in other internship opportunities. Once you learn, share the information. Go and teach someone else.


Across the board we appear to be losing young people in the American churches. Perhaps we never had them in the first place. One thing is for sure, we can’t afford to continue down this road. All mature Christian leaders need to commit to building up the next generation of leaders so that they can lead well both in and outside of the four walls of a church building. They need to be properly equipped to share Christ with their generation and it’s our responsibility to teach them.


What will we teach them? What does it mean to be a Christ-like leader? What characteristics should we look to cultivate in ourselves? How can we cultivate those same characteristics in others?


© Natasha S. Robinson 2011

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