Leadership: “Hello, It’s Me Again. Are You There?”

Life is full of ups and downs, demands and deadlines, responsibilities and decisions. All of these realities are magnified in the life of a leader. Work, life, ministry, and relationships press in on us as we move from one thing to the next.

We check one item off our To-Do List, run one errand, take one child to a sporting practice, complete one homework assignment, attend one meeting, wouldn’t miss one class at the gym, or one coffee break with a friend, and the list goes on and on. Continue reading “Leadership: “Hello, It’s Me Again. Are You There?””

Natasha’s Study: A “Radical” Introduction

Next Tuesday, September 6, we will begin our chapter-by-chapter discussion of David Platt’s Book, “Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream


In a self reflective moment, Platt begins the book with a couple simple questions:


Am I going to believe Jesus? Am I going to obey Jesus?


My answers to these questions and your answers to these questions can radically change our lives, relationships, churches, schools, communities, and the world.

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‘The Help’ Discussion Reflections: We Are Living Proof

So far we have discussed:

Part 1: Racial Stereotypes and ‘The Help’ from Nicole and Natasha

Part 2: The Pursuit of Interracial Friendships from Nicole and Natasha

Part 3: Is Everyone Welcomed At Your Church from Nicole and Natasha

There is no denying that the racial journey has been long in this country. As I reflect on this discussion, I’m drawn to the opening words of this song inspired by ‘The Help’:

It’s gonna be a long, long journey.

            It’s gonna be an uphill climb

                        It’s gonna be a tough fight.

                                    It’s gonna be some lonely nights,

                                                but I’m ready to carry on.

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