Natasha’s Study: A “Radical” Introduction

Next Tuesday, September 6, we will begin our chapter-by-chapter discussion of David Platt’s Book, “Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream


In a self reflective moment, Platt begins the book with a couple simple questions:


Am I going to believe Jesus? Am I going to obey Jesus?


My answers to these questions and your answers to these questions can radically change our lives, relationships, churches, schools, communities, and the world.


I want to consistently live a life of integrity before God and others. The ability to do this ultimately depends on my daily choices to believe and obey God in the “little” areas. Christianity is both a spiritual calling and responsibility, and I believe that God is worth my commitment.


Do you agree? Please join me as I’m looking forward to finishing the book this weekend and discussing it with you.


Here’s our discussion schedule:


Chapter 1: Someone Worth Losing Everything For – Sept 6


Chapter 2: Too Hungry for Words – Sept 13


Chapter 3: Beginning at the End of Ourselves – Sept 20


Chapter 4: The Great Why of God – Sept 27


Chapter 5: The Multiplying Community – Oct 4


Chapter 6: How Much Is Enough? – Oct 11


Chapter 7: There Is no Plan B – Oct 18


Chapter 8: Living When Dying Is Gain – Oct 25


First of the Month: We are Talking About Jesus – Nov 1


Chapter 9: The Radical Experiment – Nov 8


You can sign up to read the first chapter of the book here. If you don’t already have it, please run out and pick up the book today or this weekend.


Have you already read the book? What were your initial thoughts?


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