Let’s Get This Party Started on a Bridge

Laughter is a universal language. Like a smile and without a spoken word, human beings understand it and therefore, it reveals commonality and builds a bridge between all of us.

Bridges can provide strong foundations for new and budding friendships. If you like to work out and you meet someone who likes to work out, consider working out together if you want to get to know them better. The same goes for golf, scrapbooking, going to Starbucks, or numerous other hobbies. The point is, have fun as you seek to share Jesus and get to know other people.

A great way to build a bridge is to host a Game Night. Consider buying or borrowing a few group games like Taboo or Guesstures for larger crowds and Phase 10 or Sequence for a more intimate group. Those are some of my favorites. I would stay away from games like Monopoly, Dominos, and card games like Spades or Bid Whist. Those have a tendency to get violent, at least where I’m from.


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Coffee Talk: An Honest and Scary Conversation

What if We Were Like Little Children?


A few days ago I was driving the car while my four year old daughter was sitting in her car seat. Out of the blue she said to me, “Mommy, I want to go to Heaven while I’m four.” For a split second my heart stopped. I could not imagine what I would do or how I would respond if God took her away while she was four. Of course, I did not let on to her that mommy was wrestling with deep thoughts concerning the implications of her statement. Of course, I did not want to destroy the blessed hope that she has of going to be with Jesus in Heaven. I simply smiled and responded, “That’s nice, baby.”

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