Radical 5 – The Christian Community in Action

“So you are going to impact the world by making disciples of all nations (pg 86)?”

Yes, I am, and yes we are.

God's Community with a Focused Agenda

It all starts with the great commission of Jesus as outlined in Matthew 28:19-20.

When Christians commit to fulfilling the great commission, we become united under God’s agenda; we pray with one focus; we minister and serve with one goal.

The goal is to glorify God by attracting others to him “being fishers of men” and disciplining them. That’s the whole point of living and ministry. I propose that if we are not focused on this goal, we are not truly living or ministering at all.

God has given us work to do. The universal Church, that’s means all Christians, are his preferred method for reaching the lost world and we are his preferred method for maturing those that he has drawn unto himself.

It is through the day-to-day focus and commitment to discipleship that people are radically transformed. This is why I place such a high priority on mentoring and discipling women and teaching women how to mentor and disciple others.  

Make no doubt about it, “making disciples is not an easy process. It is trying. It is messy. It is slow, tedious, even painful at times. It is all these things because it is relational (pg 93).”

God has a purpose for making disciples. The purpose is “to prepare God’s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ (Ephesians 4:12-13 NIV).”

True disciples work. True disciples grow in spiritual maturity. True disciples encourage each other. True disciples promote unity and oneness among God’s people. True disciples grow in their knowledge and understanding of God. True disciples are steadily transformed into the very image of Christ.

True disciples go…They go outside of the four walls of their church building. They go outside of the comfort of their homes and neighborhoods. They go and take ownership of their responsibility to share and teach God’s Word. They go wherever God takes them and do whatever it takes to ensure that his name is known throughout the earth.

Will you go and do likewise?

© Natasha S. Robinson 2011


Published by Natasha Sistrunk Robinson

Servant of Jesus. Truth-teller. Leader. Mentor. Author of Books.

2 thoughts on “Radical 5 – The Christian Community in Action

  1. Yes. We need to make disciples. That means teaching them all that Jesus taught. If we do make disciples–and most of us don’t–we teach them just some of what Jesus taught. If we truly understand what Jesus lived and taught, we would be living radically, making a difference in our homes, neighborhoods–and around the globe!

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