The Best of October 2011

Hello there! Here are the most read blog posts this month:

1. God Speaks Even Through Breast Cancer

A Guest Post by Vivian Mabuni: What a battle with breast cancer taught her about God, community, prayer, and herself. These are important life lessons for us all.

2. Leadership “Hello It’s Me Again, Are You There”

I am learning that more than anything God wants our presence. He wants us to simply be with him and each other in loving community and service to our neighbors. How tragic to miss those opportunities because we are too busy to focus on the first love of our lives.

3. What Young People Are Saying?

Young people have questions, do we have the answers?

Also, you might have missed these posts:

1. Hot Topic: Addiction

Addictions only lead us to one place, the grave. In many ways, we are all addicted to sin. What does it mean for us to choose life daily?

2. Calling Women Back to Ministry

The internet has been buzzing over the past couple weeks with great articles and discussions about the potential and progress of women’s ministry. These articles force women leaders to ask questions that address the typical woman in the pew. Questions like: What is ministry? What is the purpose of ministry? How might we minister to women? I believe that we need to discuss ministry from the prospective of relevance, authenticity, and diversity.

3. Has the American Dream Failed Us?

How do we defend success in America? How do you define success?

How does the Bible define success, or does it define success at all?

How do we reconcile the two?

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