Leaders: How is Your Reading Diet?

I understand the common phrase, “leaders read and readers lead.” I have enjoyed reading since I was a little girl. There have been moments in life where I have not had the opportunity to read as much as I would like. Attending seminary, however, has placed me in the extreme opposite position of reading a lot more than I can sometimes process. Therefore, I often read or review several resources more than once.

In the book Touching the Holy, the author, Robert J. Wicks, recommends embracing books as friends and spiritual guides. Reading gives a leader the opportunity to assume the humble posture of student. By reading, we can learn from the successes and mistakes of others without treading the beaten paths ourselves. He writes:

I have found that more often than not when people who are in ministry come to me for a visit to discuss some stress or anxiety they are experiencing in life, they have all but given up reading books that would help them break through the type of thinking in which they are trapped. In reality, sacred scripture and other readings, including the spiritual classics, are actually essential for most of us if we are to maintain a continued sense of perspective and freshness in our attitude toward life. – Touching the Holy

This quote reminds leaders of the importance of reading.

In no particular order, here are a few great leadership books that I have read this year. (Note: I am including the subtitles which share why I enjoyed the books so much):

Building the Bridge As You Walk on It: A Guide for Leading Through Change

Author: Robert E. Quinn

Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work & in Life, One Conversation at a Time

Author: Susan Scott

Firestorm: Preventing and Overcoming Church Conflicts

Author: Ron Susek

Leadership Challenge, 4th Edition

Authors: Kouzes & Posner

What books have you read lately that you would specifically recommend for leaders? Any spiritual classics?

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4 thoughts on “Leaders: How is Your Reading Diet?

  1. I have two leadership books that I love love love to recommend.
    Leading from the Front
    -which is by two former USMC officers; they’re women who’ve developed 10 “rules” on leadership that I’ve often referenced.

    Redefining the strong-willed woman, by Cynthia Tobias; she’s great and she’s spunky and quite biblical.
    Those are must reads IMHO 🙂

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