Fascinating People of 2011!

Today, Barbara Walters released her list of the “Ten Most Fascinating People of the Year.” The list includes names like: Herman Cain, Simon Cowell, Katy Perry, the Kardashins, and Donald Trump. While skimming the list, I thought, “I don’t find these people fascinating.” Well, I do find Simon Cowell a little fascinating; I like him and was glad to have him back on America’s television screens (though I didn’t get to view a single show of X Factor this year).

It has been a busy year which made it a little difficult to think about people who have fascinated me in 2011. I was able to come up with three:


World Changers

1. Carolyn Custis James, writer, speaker, and theologian. Carolyn is author of The Gospel of Ruth, the book I recommended in the spring. Through her research and writings, she has actually been fascinating me for several years now. Attending this year’s Synergy Conference was definitely one of the highlights of my year. I had the opportunity to hear Carolyn deliver her passionate call to recapture God’s global vision for women as she released her latest book, Half the Church. Carolyn and her team have been working hard to mobilize Synergy’s efforts to advance God’s kingdom forward. I am excited to see what’s to come in 2012! Connect with Carolyn and Synergy through Twitter @carolynezer, her blog The Whitby Forum, and Synergy’s Facebook page.

2. Rahiel Tesfamariam is the founder and Editorial Director of Urban Cusp online lifestyle magazine which launched this year. Urban Cusp looks to broaden awareness and confront the challenges of faith, culture, and social change. Connect with @RahielT and @UrbanCusp on Twitter and join their Facebook Page. I love this magazine and look forward to meeting and working with Rahiel in 2012!

3. Alvin Reid, Professor of Evangelism and Student Ministry at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forrest, NC. I heard Alvin speak at a conference in October. While there, he shared his passion for teaching and training young people, expanding their worldview, and challenging them to live out the gospel in their current generation. Additionally, he challenged the older people to reach out to the millennials, disciple them, and equip them to make disciples. Connect with Alvin through Twitter @AlvinReid and his personal website, www.alvinreid.com.

Who are some people who have fascinated you this year? What’s fascinating about them and how can we find out more?

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3 thoughts on “Fascinating People of 2011!

  1. Natasha, Of all the people I’ve met this last year that facinated me, You are top of the list. I am encouraged by your walk, blessed to be your friend & always able to trust your Godly wisdom & instruction. You facinate me because you are wise beyond your years. You facinate me because you are able to successfully be a wife, mother, seminary student, theologian, blogger, writer, minister, & your house always looks clean! It’s quite evident how powerful Christ is in your life & the lives of your family.

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