The Best Books of 2011!

This year I read 39 books. I can’t believe it! When determining a better way to process and retain all of this information, I ended up with 10 categories. Therefore, my reading diet looked something like this: 1 Memoir 1 Novel 1 Racial Reconciliation 2 Writing 2 Christian Character/Church & Culture 3 Mommy stuff &Continue reading “The Best Books of 2011!”

Fascinating People of 2011!

Today, Barbara Walters released her list of the “Ten Most Fascinating People of the Year.” The list includes names like: Herman Cain, Simon Cowell, Katy Perry, the Kardashins, and Donald Trump. While skimming the list, I thought, “I don’t find these people fascinating.” Well, I do find Simon Cowell a little fascinating; I like himContinue reading “Fascinating People of 2011!”

Biographies, Memoirs and What They Have to Do With Leadership

  I’ve read several leadership books this semester. Many of them highlight how important it is for leaders to read the biographies of other great leaders. Apparently, reading their stories can teach us a lot about ourselves, maybe we can learn from their mistakes, or see how God worked in their lives. I have notContinue reading “Biographies, Memoirs and What They Have to Do With Leadership”