Being Radical is Hard Stuff!

If you have been following us, you know we are undergoing A Radical Challenge together!


After reading David Platt’s book, Radical, a few months ago, we have decided to start the year with a purpose. Individually, we are seeking the Lord about his desire for us to engage in the Radical Experiment which includes:

1. Pray for the entire world;

2. Read through the entire Word;

3. Sacrifice your money for a specific purpose; (Judy’s Reflections on Not So Radical Giving)

4. Spend your time in another context;

5. Commit your life to a multiplying community (pg 185).

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When Grief Is God’s Answer to Prayer

We are in a period of mourning in the Robinson household. My aunt Marilyn Sistrunk recently went home to be with the Lord. The past few days have been filled with laughter from the wonderful memories of her life, tears and sadness at her lost, yet rejoicing that she is now in Heaven and one day we will see her again.

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The U.S. Naval Academy Turns Young People into World Leaders

We can reverse the curse of children dropping out of school, by constantly reminding them of the opportunities education can afford them. Children with a solid education become the world’s next generation of leaders. For me, the leadership formation was affirmed at the training grounds of the United States Naval Academy (USNA).

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