Being Radical is Hard Stuff!

If you have been following us, you know we are undergoing A Radical Challenge together!


After reading David Platt’s book, Radical, a few months ago, we have decided to start the year with a purpose. Individually, we are seeking the Lord about his desire for us to engage in the Radical Experiment which includes:

1. Pray for the entire world;

2. Read through the entire Word;

3. Sacrifice your money for a specific purpose; (Judy’s Reflections on Not So Radical Giving)

4. Spend your time in another context;

5. Commit your life to a multiplying community (pg 185).

If you are just joining us, don’t worry. Do what you can, when you can, and let us encourage each other along the way. So far, I have read through nine books of the Old Testament. I’m finishing up the final chapters of Isaiah now. I have specifically prayed for the children of Ghana and the Dominican Republic, most of which live in impoverished areas. I’ve prayed for Java Island where my adopted daughter lives and the work of Compassion International. Finally, I have been praying for Spain where less than 1% of the population is evangelical Christians! I thank Sophie for reminding me that provides guidelines for specific ways that we can pray for those around the world.

I am excited to report that we are building a Radical Army of Bloggers and Believers. In addition to A Sista’s Journey and His Abundant Grace, sisters and brothers from the following blog communities are joining us on the journey:

Judy Douglass and CRU light fires at Kindling

Sheli Massie shares a little bit of herself and a lot of God

Margot Starbuck is doing Small Things With Great Love

Connie Jakab is a Cultural Rebel

Jenny Armstrong is serious about life, mission, & ministry

Let me know if you want to join a Radical Blog Alliance!

And now, Sophie’s Reflections:

The Radical Experiment is probably the most challenging task I’ve done in a while. Maybe it’s because I’m in my last semester of graduate school. Yeah, excuses! David Platt wasn’t joking when he said “It’s easy for American Christians to forget how Jesus said his followers would actually live, and what their new lifestyle would actually look like.” Though it has only been a month, I can say my life has been transformed by this experiment. I have enjoyed learning and praying for the world and continents like Asia. Operation World does a good job of describing the problems which assist in targeting prayer needs. Concerning Item #4, I am a new member of the choir in my church which is great. My church always needs singers and I enjoy singing a lot! I’m certainly glad I can serve where my talents are needed. It also helps that I’ve been in a choir before. :- ) Concerning Item #3, for a while, I didn’t know where to use my money and time but God provided in His unusual way. I get to serve a new family in any way I can. This includes babysitting, companionship, tutoring, and much more. We also get to do devotions! Devotions may seem trivial to some but it takes planning and time commitment, especially with children. My greatest challenge is the Bible reading. When I miss some days, I have a lot of chapters waiting for me! It’s starting to become a chore rather than a way to meet with God which is discouraging. Because of this, I’ve been deciding whether I should modify this portion of the Experiment or just be more disciplined. It’s definitely convicting because I realize that while I say that God is first in my life, I sometimes put Him second, third or even fourth. Isn’t it sad that when I need His help, I pray my longest and most heartfelt prayers? I pray that this new month challenges me to literally put Him first in my life, and if it takes better planning and time commitment, I hope to work at it with His help. Here is one of my favorite verses: Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your path. (Proverbs 3: 5-6). I look forward to blogging about my experiences next month. Till then, I pray that you have a blessed February!


So, how are you coming along on this Radical journey? Are you seeing or hearing from God in new ways? Has it been a challenge? Making any modifications?

Don’t forget, we are starting “The Christian Atheist” next Tuesday. Grab the book this week and join us.

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2 thoughts on “Being Radical is Hard Stuff!

    1. In summary, I would refer to #5 as the making disciples, mentoring, and/or paying it forward outeach/evangleism affect. Basically, we are living the life, while teaching and training others to do the same. Loving God and others in this manner is how we make disciples of all nations and how all nations will be blessed through us. I know you are encouraging that with your new book, so if you blog or write an article about it, let me know and I will link back in next month’s post. Blessings,

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