Christian AND Atheist…Is That Even Possible?

THIS BOOK DISCUSSION HAS BEEN POSTPONED UNTIL AN UNDETERMINED DATE IF GOD LEADS ME TO RETURN TO THIS TOPIC. According to the definition of the terms “Christian” and “Atheist,” is it possible for someone to be both? That’s not only the question but also the fundamental belief behind Craig Groeschel’s book, The Christian Atheist: BelievingContinue reading “Christian AND Atheist…Is That Even Possible?”

Does Everything Depend on You?

I hear the stress, anxiety, and fear rise up in conversations with people whom I love. I see it in the eyes of mothers of small children, leaders of organizations, regular church goers, and your average Joe or Joann…I see their self perception and belief that they are not good enough.” People walk around dailyContinue reading “Does Everything Depend on You?”