Fasting in the Wilderness

In the church context, I have never heard people discuss the spiritual discipline of fasting. I have been “in church” all my life and I cannot recall one sermon, Bible study, or teaching on the topic.

Before anyone jumps to conclusions about my limited focus or church opportunities, let me reveal that I have a pretty diverse church background. I have faithfully worshipped in Methodist, traditional Baptist, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, Nondenominational, and Southern Baptist churches and in 33 years, there was little talk and no teaching about fasting in any of them.

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Wilderness: Don’t Miss the Point

While reflecting on the importance of rest, God revealed the big picture of why rest is needed. Type A personalities like myself tend to value time and productivity. I have observed this trait in many leaders. We are often driven, effective, competent, proactive—bottom line, we get the job done!

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