Wilderness Summary

It is hard to believe we have journeyed through the wilderness for almost four months and I have only blogged through 34 of what resulted in a 355 page journal. As I shared my heart, God made it clear that others have suffered through the wilderness, and for that reason I allowed several of the Redbud writers to share from their personal experiences. I pray their stories have encouraged you to continue in your relationship with the Lord and passionately pursue him even when times are hard, when he appears silent, and when it seems all hope is lost. I pray that you will turn to Jesus, cry to Jesus, reach out to Jesus, and choose life even in the desert.

Although I have spent most of this year in the wilderness, the light is shining (at least for now). I’m sure we will revisit this topic again in our time ahead but it has become difficult writing about the desert when God is birthing new life in so many different areas. If you need continuous encouragement through your wilderness, I recommend reading the Psalms. If you have read all of our wilderness posts, check out Marlena Graves as she continues blogging through this topic. Her blog “Through the Wilderness: Following Jesus in the 21st Century” is found here.

We have a few exciting posts on the way, followed by a new blog series within the next couple weeks. I hope you will continue to join us.

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Love and blessings, Natasha @asistasjourney

Wilderness Posts

VBlog Introduction

Take Heart

Take Rest, Why Don’t You

Don’t Miss the Point

Fasting in the Wilderness

Humble Thyself

Live Broken

Addictions and Deliverance Mini-Series

What Does the Lord Require of You?

How Do you Want to Live?

Get Out of It!

It’s All Good so Worship

You Have Been Warned!

It’s Dangerous Out There

The Wilderness and the Ordinary Life

Come Find Rest for Your Soul

Whitney Houston, Grief, and Death

Meditation and Truth

Cry to Jesus and Live!

What are the Things You Need to Grieve?

Wilderness Stories

Depression: Connie Jakab Testimony

Loving Prodigals, Release, and Rest: Judy Douglass

Has God Put You on a Shelf: Michelle Van Loon

To Share or Not to Share: Lesa Engelthaler

Can God Set a Table in the Wilderness?: Margaret Philbrick

Be Hopeful, Not Happy: Amy Simpson

Wrestling in my Heart on Vacation: Dorothy Greco

Delusions, Delusions, Delusions: Monica Selby

For Those Without Hope: Marlena Graves

When Life is All Consuming: Enuma Okoro

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