Not Enough Words to Say “Thank You”

Aside from the cold weather, I love the start of the New Year. It reminds me of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and how in this now-but-not yet space where we live, he is continuously making all things new. Because of him I am new, and that gives me reason to reflect with gratitude and look forward with great anticipation of what he will do in my future.

Birthday Shot Courtesy of Deronta C.  Robinson
Birthday Shot
Courtesy of Deronta C. Robinson

I recently celebrated a birthday. My sweet daughter felt the need to run around church telling everyone how old I was. I didn’t care about people knowing my age, but I was quite overwhelmed with a heart of gratitude for the love, grace, and mercy God has shown throughout my life and over the course of this year. He has kept me.

Dear God,

I thank you that as a good Father, you desire to give good gifts to your children. Thank you for caring about me, for hearing my prayers and answering. Thank you for caring about the things that concern me; therefore, I pray in confidence fully expecting you to act of my behalf.

Thank you for my life, for good friends (both old and new that you have sent to love and encourage me on my life’s journey). I thank you that I am blessed to do the same for them. I thank you for extending your grace and mercy to so many of my family members, for not punishing them as their sins deserve. No, you are patient, long suffering, and waiting for them to turn to you in repentance.

I thank you that you have given me a place to call home. You have provided a sanctuary where I can spend time with you without distraction. In spite of very difficult financial struggles these past few years, my family has never missed a meal; we have never been without clothing or shelter. We have many of the things we want. You are a generous provider.

Thank you for keeping us in good health. My little girl has never been to the doctor for anything more than a sore throat. I thank you, God. I thank you that we have eyes to see, ears to hear, and have the full activity of our limbs.

I thank you for restoring my marriage, for taking so many things that the devil meant for evil and turning it around so we can see you clearer and be transformed into your likeness. Thank you for teaching us how to love as you love.

I thank you that my daughter loves you, that her heart is full of joy and she has a zeal for life and being her best. I thank you that she is a helper and for her servant’s heart. I thank you that she is proud of her mommy and through her, I better understand your love for me.

Thank you for dying for me, for setting your affections upon me, for declaring me righteous on account of the blood of Jesus. Thank you for ordering the work of my hands, blessing my feet as I go, growing me in wisdom, and granting me your favor.

Thank you for who you are and for choosing me to tell your story. Thank you for being faithful and true. Thank you for your Word which gives life and hope, and reminds me of the victory I have in you. You alone are worthy of my worship and my praise. For you I live and die. I love you, Lord. Amen.

Sometimes I feel we miss so much from God simply because we are not thankful. We accept the daily blessings of the Lord as the average norm without understanding God’s love and his hand at work in the littlest of situations in our lives. May we not take God’s love and the simple things for granted. As you make goals for the New Year, consider also making a list of thanksgiving.

What are some of the things you are thankful for today?

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4 thoughts on “Not Enough Words to Say “Thank You”

  1. First, happy belated birthday! I am grateful that God allowed our paths to cross online! This site has been a blessing to me. Second, thank you for this heartfelt post. I love the prayer and your testimony in the prayer! God is good and his mercy endures FOREVER…no matter what…he loves us – all of us…unconditionally! For that, I am thankful. I am also thankful for things that money cannot buy – God’s salvation, God’s peace, God’s wisdom; good health and love of family, just to name a few!
    Trish Martin, Orlando Community News online

  2. I am thankful for you, sister! It is a joy to watch God move through your life, and to watch him use your unique personality and giftedness for His Kingdom. You are his beloved, the one whom He loves, and he delights in you! Birthdays are a wonderful time of reflection and a signal of how God is always doing a new thing…sometimes he even allows us to perceive it, as we reflect back to each other his movement in our lives.

    Finally, love the new look of the blog!

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