Book of the Month: Deeply Loved

Deeply Loved 2

“Beloved” or “the one whom Christ loved” is the way the Apostle John regularly refers to himself in his gospel. By identifying with Christ’s love for him, John acknowledged intimacy, humility, growth, and purpose. Being in God’s presence reminds us that we are deeply loved.

That’s the purpose of Keri Wyatt Kent’s devotional book, Deeply Loved: 40 Ways in 40 Days to Experience the Heart of Jesus—to remind us all that we are deeply loved by our Father, God. Keri uses scripture, the power of story, and research to quickly bring the reader to the feet of Jesus where they can rest and learn from him. Each devotional begins with a scripture and concludes with a “Presence Practice.” The Presence Practices guides readers through scripture reading, personal reflection, and journaling.

Keri transitions from topics such as discipleship, friendship, worry, prayer, and sleep with ease. She begins with a word of encouragement: There are things we can do, ways we can train our hearts, so that we can truly know [God’s] love personally and profoundly. She concludes with a word of celebration.

Keri gets down to the nitty gritty and challenges us to be honest with ourselves and God (since he already knows our hearts). She goes beyond “fine” to ask contemplative questions like “What does God think of you?” and “Which [characteristics of your father] have been barriers to your experiencing the lavish, unconditional love of God?” To get the most out of this devotional, I encourage you to do the Presence Practices.

I began reading Keri’s devotional for Advent. It is an excellent resource for personally caring for one’s soul, and is beneficial at any time of the year. It would make an excellent gift or devotional consideration for the upcoming season of Lent.

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One thought on “Book of the Month: Deeply Loved

  1. Thanks for the wonderful review, Natasha! While the book is a devotional that you can use over 40 days, it’s also a guide meant to help people learn how to “practice the presence” via spiritual disciplines. It would make a great resource for small groups, too.

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