Book of the Month: Deeply Loved

“Beloved” or “the one whom Christ loved” is the way the Apostle John regularly refers to himself in his gospel. By identifying with Christ’s love for him, John acknowledged intimacy, humility, growth, and purpose. Being in God’s presence reminds us that we are deeply loved.

Not Enough Words to Say “Thank You”

Aside from the cold weather, I love the start of the New Year. It reminds me of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and how in this now-but-not yet space where we live, he is continuously making all things new. Because of him I am new, and that gives me reason to reflect with gratitude andContinue reading “Not Enough Words to Say “Thank You””

News Announcement: Racial Reconciliation on the Radio

Brothers and Sisters, Trillia Newbell and I will be joining Anita Lustrea and Melinda Schmidt at Moody’s Midday Connection to discuss the racial reconciliation series. Our live interview will air on Tuesday, January 8 at noon central time. You can listen in on the broadcast by visiting the at that time and click theContinue reading “News Announcement: Racial Reconciliation on the Radio”