Who Wants to Be Great? I do…I do…

Book Discussion:

Humility: True Greatness Chapter 3

Who doesn’t want to see the evidence of greatness flow through their lives? Just like John and James (in Mark Chapter 10), we often compare ourselves with others while asking the question, “Who is the Greatest Among Us?” In their contemplation, however, Jesus offers a simple response:

Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be a slave of all. For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many (Mk 10:43b-45 [NIV]).

How sharply God’s words contrast with James and John’s request. While James and John focused on the benefits of having a prized position with Christ, Christ challenged them to consider the magnitude of their request, and then he shifts their focus. Mahaney writes, “Jesus does not categorically criticize or forbid the desire and ambition to be great. Instead, He clearly redirects that ambition, redefines it, and purifies it…A profound and historic reversal is taking place here—one that has to occur in each of our lives if we’re to have any possibility of becoming truly great in God’s eyes. It means turning upside down our entrenched, worldly ideas on the definition of greatness (pg 43-44).”

True greatness requires that we look beyond ourselves and serve others. This is a requirement for all brothers and sisters in Christ. If you want to become great, you must be willing to give your life. The truth is: You can truly be great!

How do you define greatness? “Have you seen any examples of true greatness recently (44)?”


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3 thoughts on “Who Wants to Be Great? I do…I do…

  1. Several yes ago I was at a place where I felt I just wasn’t a part of the church, no one was reaching out to be there for me, and the list goes on. However, I had two wonderful women that sat me down and basically told me (in a loving way) that it wasn’t about me, but rather others. Yes it stung and yes for a bit I was angry too, BUT I really wanted yo continue to grow and my deepest desire was to be closer to Jesus. So I sat out to put myself aside and make sure I was focusing on others….even when asked a simple “How are you?”……I made sure that I turned the focus to the person asking!

    It wasn’t long before I noticed a difference……once I put myself aside, suddenly others WERE there for me! Oh yes I have occasionally slipped back to my old self, but it’s happening less and less as I’ve continued to grow!

    We live in a society of “Me Me Me”….. But that’s not what God ever intended for us….so while it might seem strange, hard, or even awkward to put yourself and your needs aside when you are clearly in need just as others are, remember God WILL take care of your needs, but like Jesus, we must first put the needs of others before our own!! THEN God can work in our lives and meet our needs!

  2. Beautiful reminder! The sweet surrender of submission. Instead of “what advantage can I gain here?” it’s “how can I enter into the kingdom life and redirect my ambition into being more like Christ, caring for the last and the least. In my experience, this is where I have experienced the most outrageous, enduring joy!

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